Opening international arbitration center (The Hague Hearing Centre) in New Babylon Meeting Center

On 7 March 2018, Saskia Bruines, alderman International, opened The Hague Hearing Centre (THHC), a unique international arbitration center. The issues that will be discussed here are conflicts between international parties, with millions of euros involved.  THHC contributes to the profiling of The Hague as an international city of Peace and Justice and contributes to the economy of The Hague.

Increasingly, for international conflicts, arbitration is chosen, over and above a court of law. The advantage is that the arbitrators can be selected for their professional expertise, in addition to their legal expertise.
The location of this international center on the 2nd floor of the New Babylon Meeting Center fits within the development and establishment policy of The Hague, as a city of Peace and Justice.

The Hague is internationally highly regarded on the theme of ‘law’ and there are many international companies and organizations in the city. Moreover, the Netherlands is known for its neutrality, even if it concerns Dutch companies or organizations.

THHC in the New Babylon Meeting Center is a unique center with state-of-the-art courtrooms for international arbitration cases and mediations, located next to the Central Station of The Hague. The arrival of the center will also have a tangible economic impact, due to an additional demand for hotel rooms, restaurants, translation agencies, interpreters, court reporters and other service providers. The Netherlands has the advantage that it is less expensive than cities such as Paris, Geneva and London. The Hague is also easy to reach.
Saskia Bruines: “The Hague Hearing Center will be a dynamic platform for building networks and strengthening relationships. I wish The Hague Hearing Center every success.”