The acquisition of TICA by PW Markets has been confirmed

Trends & Trade of Venlo and TICA of Uithoorn are the two leading wholesalers in the Netherlands in the field of home, gifts, garden, and fashion for professional retailers. Director of PW Markets, Martijn Cliteur, and chair of the board of Coöperatie TICA UA, Fred Lauck, will make a joint announcement today on the acquisition of TICA by PW Markets as of 10 may 2016.

Property Works has been active in business services and the consumer market since 2009. The companies of Property Works are clustered in a number of specialist companies, including PW Markets. PW Markets is a subsidiary of Property Works.

Trends & Trade Venlo and TICA have been serving the same customer groups for many years with their cash & carry concept, but they operate in different regions. At the end of last year, both parties announced that they would explore the possibility of a collaboration in the first four months of 2016. This investigation proved that an acquisition provides many advantages and opportunities for supply and demand. With the acquisition of TICA, PW Markets now has four large-scale wholesale business concepts within the retail sector and B2B market. By working together strategically, synergetic advantages are created for both businesses such as a shared innovation policy, marketing, and automation.

Trends & Trade Venlo and TICA are lifestyle wholesale concepts based on the cash & carry principle. Together, these two companies offer interior and exterior products to professional retailers on 40,000 square metres of shop floor space. These products are supplied by more than 180 manufacturers and importers at Trends & Trade and 200 manufacturers and importers at TICA. These wholesalers attract professional retailers including interior design stores, gift shops, florists, hotel and catering establishments, and project designers.