Corporate Story

We are…
a service provider for business markets in NW Europe, aiming at connecting specific customer groups. Together with partners, we create concepts in which the combination of hospitality and professionalism is the inspiration for joint success.
We see…
that exploitation of business concepts is often strongly supply driven while lacking human attention. This regularly leads to uniform and functional solutions, without genuine interest in customers and eye for detail.
We know…
that people within companies make the difference. The secret of success is a passion for hospitality and personal intuition. Sincere attention for customers and their needs and wants. This makes for healthy companies who stand out among their peers.

We connect to create successful companies in North Western Europe!.

How we do this…

  • we look for diversity in solutions (specific, tailor-made, with knowledge and expertise of the market, with the human touch);
  • we continuously improve, acting fast and working together (pragmatic, persevering);
  • we tightly organise the back office (based on facts, efficiency, professionalism, financial return);
  • we always look for new challenges.

Our values…

  • we are compassionate – with personal attention for employees, customers and markets;
  • we connect – together we are stronger and more successful;
  • we are entrepreneurial – seeking the thrill of new challenges;
  • we are enthusiastic – working with pleasure & fun!